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Hi, I’m Matt Stewart. I work with amazing people to design, code, and create digital projects. Currently, I am the Creative Director at The Creative Momentum.

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Maximize Long-Form Content

Brevity might be the soul of wit, but when it comes to marketing, long-form content rules. We’ve known this to be the case for a while; SEO marketing experts like Neil Patel describe the benefits of long-form content, detailing how longer blog posts are the secret to inbound marketing success.

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Your Mobile Checkout UX Design Needs Work

Checkout is, without question, the most important part of your eCommerce flow. The last thing you want to do is slip up in your UX design and drive customers away at the checkout page, wasting all the work you put into finding and bringing them into your marketing fold.

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Defining the Minimum Viable Product

Nobody wants to wind up in development hell. Without a clear roadmap for development or a concrete idea of the core features of your end-product, the development process has a tendency to meander and stall with countless iterations that aren’t necessarily making progress.

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Igneous came to The Creative Momentum to update their site.

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Designing a new experience for Big Nerd Ranch.

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Arby's Franchising

Arby's Franchise wanted to move their franchise site over to Wordpress and revamp the design. They wanted to focus on their position as the second fasted growing sandwich restaurant in the country.

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Inspire Brands Alert App

Inspire Brands needed an app to help their corporate leadership respond to emergencies in real time. I lead the creative team as well as the lead design for UI and UX on the project.

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